Technology is a vital component in the business and drives almost every area of our service offering. 

We are constantly developing new technology to best serve our clients and their very unique, business-specific needs. For this reason, we have partnered with global technology partners in developing our own technology platform and Artificial Intelligence (AI) called ZOLAH™ – an app and online portal that allows our customers to access the online Butlers POS+ Logic Marketing Material Supply Chain Management Realm. 

This technology is the only of its kind in the world and allows us to focus on areas of our customers’ businesses that are often overlooked – saving them time, solving problems they often didn’t even know they had and reducing stress levels.

The functionality of ZOLAH™, our highly interactive Supply Chain and Collaborative Management System, includes all aspects of Master Planning Scheduling, Material Requirement Planning, Manufacturing Management, Stock Control, Distribution Activities, Merchandising Management and Maintenance Management Modules.

We strategically align all Real-Time activities within the greater store universe, including, but not limited to Stock Visibility and Return-On-Investment (ROI) reporting aligned with the latest International Financial Regulatory Systems (IFRS). ZOLAH™ keeps our clients informed and empowered to make educated decisions, whilst ensuring a constant competitive advantage.

ZOLAH™ ensures insight and understands that the planning process of Point-of-Sale Logistics activities can be volatile. Butlers POS+ Logic offers you the ability to plan each step of your campaigns (from inception to execution) through our master planning schedule. Providing continuous real-time email reminders and progress update reporting.

ZOLAH™ controls all your Point-of-Sale Marketing Material and manufacturing requirements. She also manages your complete third party manufacturing process ensuring total order control, collection and Total Quality Management of your Point-of-Sale marketing material.

ZOLAH™ provides insight into the value and challenges of variety and volume of your Point-of-Sale display material. She gives you real-time visibility according to your specific needs – by category, campaign and brand. We customize a programme to your specific needs.

With trademarked Control Zone Technology, ZOLAH™​ will keep you informed from order to delivery in real-time while offering a complete visual management matrix, for real-time control of all Point-of-Sale Marketing Material Distributions throughout your store universe.

ZOLAH™ generates real-time merchandising activity reports to individual retail outlets and gives you total visibility, ensuring your brand potential is managed in real-time. ZOLAH™ also identifies all merchandising focal-points and constraints within the merchandising process.

ZOLAH™ incorporates the best technology and practices to ensure efficiency and accuracy on all your kitting requirements. She analyses Personal Fatigue, Contingency Factors and Time-and-Motion Studies by project, ensuring cost-effective, labour-intensive solutions.