Leadership is always about character, Timeless Leadership is about authenticity.

We have invested more than 200 hours in authentic leadership coaching and development focused specifically on personal transformation and the particular mental and moral attitude in which we serve our clients.


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By equipping you to deal with the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity that is part of your day-to-day operations, you are able to serve your company better and live out your higher purpose.

The successes we have achieved for our clients speak for themselves and prove that our approach works:  emotional intelligence factors have improved by up to 77%;  anxiety experienced in the workplace was reduced by 25%; 82% of the leaders we have worked with, showed a significant reduction in work-related stressors.

Our unique way of conducting business is felt on both a practical and emotional level. Through our commitment, we have provided clients’ with practical breakthroughs that were not part of their original service delivery requirements.


Emergency intervention to get POS helicopters and Tanks into 184 stores in just 14 days. All reporting and live tracking resulted in a successful campaign.

Saved 30% on overall warehousing costs. Our Stock Ageing Report enabled them to eliminate unused POS via distribution through different channels or scrapping/recycling.

Reduced wastage overspend on campaign manufacturing and utilisation from 19% to 4%. Using live campaign and exception reporting.

Reduced Inertia Drag into the market from up to 45 days to less than 7, on warehousing and utilisation efficiency. Using reminder communication and Live Reporting improved efficiencies.

Reduced packaging spend from above 25% to under 10%. Continuous R&D and consultation with the client regarding the manufacturing supply of packaging – radically reduced costs as well as raised delivery efficiency to 99.1%.

Warehousing savings through live turn-around time of stock being reduced by 35%, reducing warehouse spend by 25%.