Transforming the world – one business at a time

When you think about digital transformation, it’s easy to be intimidated by the trends, terminology, IoT, AI and any other acronyms that go along with the unfolding age of digitalisation.

These trends are not only affecting the way employees and customers see your business, but also the way any CEO approaches yearly or monthly agendas. The fourth industrial revolution is not an uncertainty or something that is happening in the future – it’s here. The good news is that you can navigate the system effortlessly.

Simply put, the fourth industrial revolution represents a vital shift in the way we live, work and relate to one another. It moves fast, demands that we do the same, and leaves little room for a reactive outlook. That being said, as the lines between humans and technology are blurring at record speed, the best way to approach it is to anticipate the benefits proactively for your business.

The modern supply chain is rapidly becoming smarter and more technologically advanced to create a connected workflow. Alongside the 4IR, the world of logistics has seen a shift in the way products make their way from production facilities to customers.

Logistics 4.0 has been defined as machine-to-machine communication and the Internet-of-Things that make factories resemble something like a smart home, with various appliances and machines working together to create a unified system. You want to be part of that progress.

At Butlers POS+ Logic we ensure that your areas of waste and inefficiency are limited and that processes are automated. In the often chaotic world of industrial technology, we aim to simplify your logistical processes. As the 4IR demands, we are constantly developing new technology to best serve our clients and their unique business-specific needs. Get the most out of Logistics 4.0 with bespoke inventory management, point of sale management solutions, asset tagging, real-time, relevant and reliable reporting, break bulk and freight consolidation services, picking, packing, receiving and dispatch and more.

We provide dynamic point-of-sale logistical solutions that transform the way you do business. Be notified when products in your warehouse have become damaged or receive an alert when a restock is necessary with a complete sophisticated system that lets you save time and money.

While there certainly are demands that come with smarter logistics workflows, the value it brings to your business is tremendous, in the short as well as long term.

Stay on top of Logistics 4.0
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