New Technological Developments Ensure Increased Functionality

What new technological developments have you made to ensure functionality and efficiency in your company?

When you think about technological advancement, it’s easy to be intimidated by the trends, continuous updates, and many other shifts that go along with the unfolding age of digitalization. These trends and advancements do not only affect the way employees and customers see your business, but also the way companies do business with each other.


Technological advancements are meant to propel businesses forward. To not only create efficiency but to enable functionality and effectivity. So, the question stands, ‘What recent Technological advancements have you made to ensure functionality and efficiency in your company?’ 

Technology in businesses today continues to make strides in impacting the world profoundly. This allows small businesses to tap into their full potential! The future is bright for companies willing to adopt the change. Here are some benefits of technological advancements for business.

New Technological Developments - Robot Hand
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1. Improved Business Agility

Technology solutions allow businesses to remain agile and quick to respond to change within the markets. Integration of various technology leads to increased collaboration among teams leading to better product development. Better quality innovations and improved product features will drive your business growth.

2. Improved Staff Coordination and Collaboration

Significant advances in communication technologies allow corporations to organize their teams better. Software products such as Trello and Asana improve collaboration among staff members. It improves efficiency in the running of the business as well as promotes a better work-life balance.

3. Automation and Productivity

Tapping into the benefits of high-speed internet and automation software allows for better handling of vital tasks. Automation tools can enhance your digital presence and engagement with your customers.

4. Increased Revenue Streams

Technology solutions for business allow executives to generate new sources of revenue for their enterprises. The creation of e-commerce stores enables sales teams to target a broader customer base. 

5. Better Storage Solutions

 Cloud storage systems are reliable, allowing for restricted access to business information from any place in the globe. It enables your team to access the necessary information they need, from anywhere on the globe. 

6. Financial Savings

Communication solutions such as video conferencing enable businesses to save on travel costs for meetings. Cloud services reduce data storage costs.

7. Improved Data Security

Technology solutions for business can help you better protect your corporate information. Network security threats are at an all-time high. Tech support for businesses can help create encryptions that enhance your data security.

8. Better Customer Experience

Intuitive web designs can help streamline your operations on the first point of contact with your potential clients. Automated tools can enable customers to book appointments, consultations, and free trials. These technological systems can help build consumer trust and brand image.

9. The use of AI

Artificial Intelligence sees things in a way we simply cannot, that’s why Butlers POS+Logic has created its own AI system, ZOLAH™. The functionality of ZOLAH™, our highly interactive Supply Chain and Collaborative Merchandising Management System, includes all aspects of Master Planning Scheduling, Material Requirement Planning, Manufacturing Management, Stock Control, Distribution Activities, Merchandising Management, and Maintenance Management Modules.

We strategically align all Real-Time activities within the greater store universe, including, but not limited to Stock Visibility and Return-On-Investment (ROI) reporting aligned with the latest International Financial Regulatory Systems (IFRS). ZOLAH™ keeps our clients informed and empowered to make educated decisions, whilst ensuring a constant competitive advantage.

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There are endless possibilities for businesses that enhance their technological blueprint. The benefits listed barely scratch the surface on the potential of adopting technology advancements for business.