Point of sale marketing material, why it is relevant?

What is POS Marketing and why is it used for marketing in-store promotions and campaigns?

POS, alternatively referred to as Point-of-Sale, Marketing is a method of in-store marketing that can be used in an effective and impactful way to upsell to customers and increase their spend-per-visit within a retail environment.

If implemented correctly, a point-of-sale marketing campaign can be used to build meaningful customer experiences, create brand awareness, and generate a natural surge in sales without being invasive. Creating a point-of-sale element, such as a free-standing unit (FSU), that speaks to your customers is a crucial strategy when marketing your business within the retail environment. Although point-of-sale solutions are more prominently seen in the retail environment, other industries that implement POS into their marketing strategies include the banking industry, automotive market, the agriculture market, and the travel industry to name a few.

Building a successful POS strategy depends on good timing, the right design, effective management, and distribution thereof, and most importantly, a consistent marketing message used in the design that aligns with the brand’s other marketing tactics. As part of the point-of-sale design, it is important to lay out what kind of messages you want to communicate to your customers. The most common messages include discount offers, new product promotions, and competitions. From this basis, it could benefit your brand, in order to drive your customers in-store, to ensure alignment between your in-store point of sale campaign messages and your digital marketing strategies. Having a marketing message that is concise throughout the customer’s journey is essential if you are looking to convert customers into long-term brand supporters. Point of sale marketing is the last leg in the customer’s interaction with your marketing campaign and, therefore, the most important.

Within the retail environment, the checkout area is a key place where you would usually find POS displays. This is the final stage of a customer’s interactive journey with your brand, and it is the last point where you can offer a new promotion and/or product for the customer to try. Additionally, using POS display elements can persuade customers to purchase your product and therefore, is essential to the success and sustainability of any brand.